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“My friend told me she wants my man and she will go for him” – Lady cries out for help (Screenshot)


A lady has taken to social media to cry out for help over her supposed friend who wants her man. She opened up to a friend seeking for advice on what to do.

She shared screenshot which shows her friend asking and seeking permission to go after her man. It was declined and she threatened to spill her secret of her asking men for money. She replied her that her man is aware of her dealings and the friend was hearing none of it.

She asked a friend for his opinion and shared screenshot of their chat.

See below ;

Some reactions from twitter users below ;

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@Hauntyella wrote ;

used this to justify herself for not having friends. She wrote; You see why I don’t have friends 😭😭😭 at least she told you,she didn’t go behind you like one of my old friend did😏😏….Sorry dearjust know that what will be will be.

@hundeyin1 wrote ;

couldn’t deal with this. She wrote; I didn’t finish reading self because I’m disgusted, but if this is real, how can you be asking what to do?? What happened to self respect and all that?? Hian

@oladipupo_hoipo wrote ;

saw it as funny. He wrote; This life yaf tire me mehn… everyday na nkan be….. . She wants to be eating the work of her friends bobo…. I’m plain tired..

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