African leaders meet to discuss lack of coronavirus in the continent as FOMO hits them


To date, only three cases of infection have been officially recorded in Africa, one in Egypt, one in Algeria and one in Nigeria, with no deaths.

This is a remarkably small number for a continent with nearly 1.3 billion inhabitants, and barely a drop in the ocean of more than 86,000 cases and nearly 3,000 deaths recorded in some 60 countries worldwide.

Now African leaders are concerned by the small number of infections and they are meeting to discuss how they could pump the numbers up.

“We are very concerned that other continents are performing very well in terms of coronavirus infections and we have only 3 recorded and 0 death which is a cause for concern. We can’t miss out on this epidemic. We lead the world on AIDS infection so whats coronavirus, it’s just a cough away so why don’t we have it in numbers here?”

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Shortly after the virus appeared, specialists warned of the risks of its spreading in Africa, because of the continent’s close commercial links with Beijing and the fragility of its medical services.


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