Home News A single Nigerian lady at Church in Abuja on Sunday, August 1st...

    A single Nigerian lady at Church in Abuja on Sunday, August 1st donned in a flowing white wedding dress.


    According to her, the choice of outfit is a leap of faith as she’s trusting God for a marital breakthrough. The single lady is trusting that the demonstration of faith would become her reality soon and will walk down the aisle with her “husband”.

    The daughter of the senior pastor of the church, Deborah Paul-Enenche, who shared the lady’s photo on Facebook noted that the lady got the leading from God to join the Sunday service wearing a wedding dress

    Sharing the lady’s photo on Facebook, Deborah wrote,

    “Woman in slide two got a leading from God (on her way from England to Nigeria) to wear a wedding dress in today’s service in order to get her marital breakthrough”.

    The post has however stirred mixed reactions on social media,

    A social media user @iyke_e wrote, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen

    👏 God get your man dear”.

    @africanflamingo_ wrote, “Is she aware that you took a picture of her while in church praying to her creator? People can’t seem to mind their business even on church



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